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I'm a financial Strategist, Entrepreneur, Investor & Business Consultant. With a vast experience in the financial industry, I'm committed to empowering individuals and business owners to achieve their financial and operational goals.
Having the correct financial plan gives you proper protection so that you can rest easy knowing you and your loved ones are safe.




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Anne Marie Joseph is a dynamic Financial Strategist, Entrepreneur, Investor and Business Consultant with a passion for creating and nurturing wealth and empowering people with financial literacy. Licensed as a financial professional across the USA and Canada, Anne Marie specializes in financial empowerment through personal finances handling, retirement planning, college planning, debt management, income protection, life insurance & CashFlow..
As an entrepreneur, I successfully run a financial consultancy firm demonstrating versatility and commitment to excellence. My consultancy prowess is unmatched, having advised over 150 clients in sectors ranging from technology and construction to energy. My ability to bring structure to small businesses and manage large-scale projects has been a game-changer for many, helping them scale and realize their full potential.
Beyond my professional endeavors, I'm deeply invested in empowering our communities with financial literacy, driven by a desire to make a positive impact on society.

My Services

Financial Management

I prove personalized wealth building and asset protection strategies, utilizing life insurance as a cornerstone for financial stability and growth. Catering to both professionals and business owners, I offer expertise in navigating the complex landscape of financial planning.

Business Consulting & Project Management

With a proven track record of consulting for over 290 businesses across diverse sectors, I deliver exceptional advice on business structuring, strategy, scalability, and project management. My approach is tailored to both small startups looking to establish a solid foundation and large enterprises seeking to optimize their operations and project scheduling.

Entrepreneurship and Investments

Leveraging my experience as an entrepreneur, I offer insights into the intricacies of running successful businesses, from life insurance agency to federal government contracting. My investment philosophy centers around acquiring and nurturing small to medium-sized businesses, particularly in service-based industries.


My dedication to philanthropy reflects my belief in the power of giving back. Through various initiatives and partnerships, I strives to make a tangible difference in communities, focusing on education and economic empowerment.

To find out more about my skills and services, dive into the world of strategic financial management, insightful investments, and comprehensive financal consulting services with me..

My Reviews


Rosalia Nelson

Marketing Director

As a seasoned financial analyst, I've had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the impact of AnneMarie's financial literacy initiatives. Her innovative approach to simplifying complex financial concepts has empowered countless individuals to take control of their financial futures. Through engaging workshops and personalized consultations, AnneMarie provides practical solutions tailored to each individual's needs, fostering a sense of confidence and competence in managing money. Her dedication to spreading financial literacy is truly commendable, and I wholeheartedly endorse AnneMarie as a trusted resource for anyone seeking to enhance their financial well-being."


Ivy Mahia

Marketing Director

Before I crossed paths with AnneMarie, I felt completely overwhelmed by my finances. Budgeting, investing, retirement planning, it all seemed like a foreign language to me. However, after attending one of AnneMarie's workshops, everything changed. Her down-to-earth approach and clear explanations made even the most daunting financial topics understandable. With their guidance, I've been able to create a solid financial plan that aligns with my goals and values. Thanks to AnneMarie, I now feel empowered to make informed decisions about my money and secure a brighter future for myself and my family. I can't recommend AnneMarie enough to anyone looking to gain control over their finances and build wealth for the long term.

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