Ongoing Events

Empower Wednesday

Join our weekly discussions every Wednesday on key components and strategies for proper financial management
ZOOM Webinar

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Million Dollar Baby

Build towards your kids' future financial growth and college funding without unnecessary loans. Join our weekly webinars to learn more on proper financial planning for your kids

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Financial Ambassador

Earn extra money referring people and advocating for financial literacy

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Money Talks!

Our Financial Services are expandng. If you are looking for an opportunity working from home, with a flexible schedule on the job training, Click the button Below.

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Upcoming Events

Kenya Safari Trip

The African Chamber of Commerce St. Louis invites you to a Kenya Safari Trip in October 2024. Contact us for detailed planning, pricing and registration.

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Elapsed Events

Autism Spectrum Disorder Webinar

Join our conversation on Autism Spectrum disorder in terms of diagnosis, benefits of ABA treatment to Autism treatments, overcoming obstacles to service access, Autism services resources, Life and education.

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Elevate Your dreams

Create a brighter tomorrow with financial literacy
Denton Convention Center
3100 Town Center Tr, Denton, TX 76201

Arizona Swahili Radio

January 13,2024

Cash Value life Insurance with living benefits

Thursday January 11,2024

Breast Cancer Awareness Talk

Sunday November 12,2023